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August 1, 2018

Benefits of VIP Cleaning by top firm in London

Hey there holidaymakers, we are August already and we are sure that you probably can’t wait for your own vacation in Bulgaria, Croatia or some exotic destination, we never heard...


July 19, 2018

Want to move in and move out? – See this cleaning service

Hey dear reader of happy campers magazine, today we will cover some of the most wanted cleaning services in UK – London. That is the end of tenancy cleaning time…...


June 4, 2018

Patio Cleaning – one of the best cleaning services ever!

Sometimes, we more than anything would like to see our home clean and tidy, without taking part in the cleaning process. Actually, that is completely possible, even if have no...

March 21, 2017

Mission Clean London! – Article for Home Services.

Home services are great opportunity for everyone who wants to see its home always clean, but in the same time it is not keen on cleaning, or do not have...

Cleanign Day

August 16, 2016

Looking for good end of tenancy cleaning? See this if you are located in London!

We all have been there… looking for the right company to clean after tenancy. If you are located in the great city of London, we strongly recommend you to visit...


August 12, 2016

The best way to keep your home clean, see more!

Тhese days we are always on hurry, we do not have time for big house, carpet cleaning… That’s why we strongly recommend you to hire some firm to do this...

Woman cleaning kitchen counter

July 28, 2016

Cleaning Service for your Business – Guide to success!

Hello friends, today we are going to present you 5 step process of finding the perfect cleaning service for your business. We hope that will help you, as you may...


July 27, 2016

Aqua parks in Bulgaria – Sunny beach –Part 1.

No question about it… aqua park is the best and most universally thing for holidays. This is loved activity for our children and kind of way to keep cool in...