Intelligent document solutions for the business – how it works and what are its benefits

Today there are solutions for everyone. Intelligent document processing is among the ways to facilitate and optimize the work process in the accounting department, relying on accuracy and reduced costs. Smart Soft offers intelligent document solutions that help the modern business to rely less on the human factor and more on software solutions such as automatically extracting data from scanned and pdf media.

Such solutions bring a lot of benefits that are worth taking advantage of – easy, convenient and at a good price!

What smart solutions are offered by Smart Soft?

When it comes to intelligent document solutions, there is a lot to say about it. First of all, such software developments benefit any business because they facilitate the process of issuing invoices, tracking payments and correctness in extracting company data. All this saves resources, improves the reputation of the company and facilitates the team of employees.

Automating the process of working with invoices is the biggest advantage of the Smart Soft software. Its capabilities include the recognition of document data, which may be in PDF or paper format – then follows a classification of the documents, which may be structured or semi-structured.

In addition, this innovative software integrates wonderfully with existing systems used in the enterprise, which is another advantage. The leading plus in this case is the saving of valuable resources such as time and money, and along with this the degree of accuracy also increases.

The program is applicable to contracts, forms, invoices and other types of documents that are used by every modern company. The software is preferred because it allows for customized settings, is easy to work with, and has a wide range of settings so that the workflow is optimized to the maximum.

How they help business?

There are many advantages with which intelligent document solutions are associated. Here there are:

  • better organization of accounting processes – everyone knows how much time it can take to write invoices and sort them afterwards. In order to avoid such unpleasant moments, people can bet on intelligent document solutions so that every single stage is optimized as much as possible;
  • saving labor costs – salaries of accounting department employees cost a company a lot, but with solutions like Smart Soft’s software, they can be significantly reduced;
  • improved accuracy – with manual data extraction, there is always a risk of making errors in obtaining important data. Same data is associated with company details, payment amounts and other information of essential importance, the correctness of which is not good to do;
  • IDP technology is also distinguished by its scalability – the software’s ability to scale helps in handling a large volume of documents, which is great for large businesses.

Intelligent document solutions is something that every modern company should have. This software development benefits businesses in many ways – to reduce monthly labor costs, to improve speed and efficiency in document processing, to improve company image etc.

What is Invoice Automation Software?

Smart Soft invoices is another variety of software for automatic work with documents. The development includes the recognition of different types of data contained in pdf and scanned documents, as before that an automatic scan is carried out, and then the remaining steps – validation, verification and export. Thus, speeding up the bill payment process and the documents themselves can be processed regardless of whether they are structured or semi-structured.

Another advantage of Smart Software invoices is that it integrates without any problems with other programs, which makes it easy to integrate and for work. In the same way, the possibility of scaling and customization is observed, which is convenient for the business and for the employees of a company. Intelligent document solutions are that thing that improves business and work efficiency in a convenient and affordable way for everyone.

What are the steps in smart document processing?

If we take the processing of invoices as an example, we will see the implementation of several basic steps. Scanning is the first stage of the automatic invoice processing procedure, as the software can also work with pdf format documents. The principle of operation in this case is based on optical character recognition (OCR), which is also the latest technology that allows reading the information.

Data extraction is possible when it comes to shipping information, payment details and other documents with important details. The validation of information is the same important stage of the procedure of automatic processing of documents, as if there are discrepancies in the data, the program must detect them and notify about them.

For which business areas it is suitable?

Intelligent document solutions are applicable in many business areas – commerce, health care, entertainment, restaurant management, etc. The ability to integrate Smart Software into many businesses increases its popularity and makes it highly preferred by owners of smaller and larger companies alike.