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Why we create this travel blog and why we dedicate so much time in writing for different holiday destinations? – We do all this because are thinking that life wouldn’t be so good without long trips and exciting adventures. And that is why we want to share with you our long experience with travels – to show you the world and its beauty!

In case you have some travel-related questions about summer escapes, click on “Summer holidays“ category, where we daily write about cheap, attractive and easy to reach beach destinations. But if you wish to spend your summer vacation in the mountain, among fresh air and greenery, then see what we have to offer by clicking on “Mountain „and “Natural Health Care“ categories. Except interesting offers for summer holidays, there you will also find information about some great SPA resorts or regions where you can go to combine your vacation with treatment of various health problems!

Most of us are traveling parents, right? And when we have to look for suitable destination where to go with our kids, or how to provide relaxing environment for them, all these preparations for the upcoming trip become much more difficult than if you travel solo! Visit our Family Advisor – very useful category in our blog that is specially created by us for all those who want to get ideas or guidelines on how to travel better with their families!

Skiing is wonderful sport, but in Europe there are so many ski resorts that you can get lost in the ocean of information on the Internet. We have several favorite places where the snowy adventures are guaranteed and want to show you which and where they are – see our “Winter holiday category!

Quite often we publish different materials about our homes (maintenance, cleaning or furnishing), because we consider that this topic excites all of us and is always current! Except both varied tips and advises related to the household, by clicking on “Home Services” and “Other Posts” you can find many other interesting to read posts.

The last category in our travel blog is called “Travell”. There can be found lots of information about tourism in generally – destinations and some interesting facts about them, holidays, travel deals etc.

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