Looking for a kindergarten for your child? Let it be ABC KinderCare Centre

Places like are the object of increased interest on the part of parents of children aged 2 to 6 years. What is the reason for this trend? Well, many of you have probably heard of the high academic standards that are maintained in private schools and kindergartens, right? This information is completely correct, which also explains the increasing attendance at this type of educational institution. There, every child is welcome to learn new knowledge and skills, as well as to develop their creative potential.

What makes people choose private preschool education

When it comes to a child’s education, no fee is too high and any parent will attest to that. For that reason, to date more and more parents decide betting on the private preschool, making sure it is the best possible solution for their heirs. And so it turns out indeed… The advantages of private kindergarten are not few:

  • perfectly equipped base where everything is at the highest level – the comfortable environment is the key to the child having a desire to learn new knowledge to apply in the future (especially at school). In the private kindergarten there are available which makes this type of preschool education so preferred;
  • not just teachers but friends – educators are fully aware of innovations in educational environments and know how important the psychological factor is. When children feel their teachers as friends and their mentors, they will be for them authorities and people they can trust;
  • English-speaking environment in the spirit of Europe – today many foreigners live in Bulgaria, whose children want to receive a good education. In the capital, the English-speaking inhabitants increase every year, which is the reason for the appearance of English kindergartens;
  • health and safety comes first – no matter how important a good education is, the health and safety of children in kindergarten is always with first priority;
  • individual approach to each child – another reason to bet on a private kindergarten like ABC KinderCare Centre. If your child is an artist, likes to explore or has a musical aptitude, kindergarten teachers will notice this and develop these talents and skills;
  • maximally simplified application procedure – admission to the private kindergarten is easy and pleasant, as the procedure is bound up with several steps. The essential part is the site visit to acquaint the teachers with the conditions and the team.

Our children are our future and therefore it is worth investing in their education. If you are of the same opinion and want to ensure a wonderful start in life for your little girl or boy, choose a private kindergarten like ABC KinderCare Centre and enjoy the results that won’t be late!

Which families it is suitable for

The people who come from other countries with their children, or give birth to them in Bulgaria, are among the clients of private kindergartens. However, there are also people who simply value the high level of education and, although they are not English speakers, want their children to master the language.

Another option is that one of the couple is a foreigner, and the child speaks two languages – Bulgarian and English. The heirs of important personalities such as politicians, attachés and big businessmen are also among the graduates of private kindergartens.

Is the admission easy

As we already said, the admission procedure in the private kindergarten is very easy. After you have fully convinced yourself of the benefits of having your child attend a private kindergarten, it is time to submit your documents. Fulfill the application form, entering your personal data in a correct and comprehensive manner. Then you can make an appointment to visit the place, and then also specify the goods to pay the fees.