Invoice processing automation – what’s important to know

One of the greatest advantages of the digital age is that there is a solution for everything. And for everyone… If we want to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in company structures, we can do it through software for automating the invoice processing process (and not only). If this topic is interesting and you want to know more about it, stay on the page and see what we have to tell you today!

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Is it possible to automatically process invoices, how does it work?

In the 21st century, we have free access to various types of technology that facilitate our daily lives, and at the same time make the work process easier and more pleasant. What we mean? Today we will introduce you to a software solution that is worth integrating into your business to make it more successful and more sustainable in the face of increasing competition in every field of development.

It’s about Smart Soft’ software, developed specifically for automatic invoice processing, which in the past was a utopia, but today has become a “must have” for every modern company, regardless of its scale. The application works perfectly, enabling intelligent management of company documents, so as to improve the efficiency of accounting and employees in this department.

What else? Working with numbers is a process that is defined as highly susceptible to technical errors that are often made in manual processing of invoices. In order for the accounts payable to be completely correct, the output of the data needs to be as accurate as possible, which is not always possible if there is no good software available to do this for us.

For this reason, special software such as that of Smart Soft was invented to optimize this entire process by means of importing and exporting information to and from the system. Of course, do not think that difficulties in processing the entire volume of information that comes in daily (sometimes even every minute in larger corporations) are not possible. They are a fact, but we will talk about them a little later in the article…

What are the stages during the process?

We return again to the software of Smart Soft, which is designed for intelligent processing of invoices. It is very important that everyone is clear about exactly how the application works. basically, the steps are several:

  • receiving the documents for processing – the tendency is for them to be on paper/physical media and then digitized. Once transformed into a digital format using scanning, they are ready for processing;
  • extracting key information from emails – automated invoice processing software solutions can interface with e-mail so that e-mailed documents are recognized and processed afterwards. Such a function is indispensable for a number of reasons, the main of which is that it eliminates the need for manual intervention. Smart Soft’s software works with different types of files received in the system – GIF, PNG, JPEG and other formats;
  • perform pre-processing – in order for OCR to be as effective as possible, the software for automatic processing of invoices removes some defects such as incorrect slope, shadow marks and other inaccuracies. Thus optimal clarity is achieved, and the document will be much easier to read than the program.

Extracting content from company invoices is an important process on which a company’s profitability and reputation depend. In order for it to maintain its good relations with counterparties and partners, it needs to have modern software solutions, such as those of smart software.

What are the advantages of automatic invoice processing and why to implement the software in company structures?

There are many benefits to using software solutions like this for automatic invoice processing. With their help, many things are achieved, the most important of which is the optimization of the process of working with documents, including forms.

The main thing is that it is a relief for the employees in the accounting department, who are now able to focus on critical tasks and not waste time working on invoices.

Another important thing in this case is the increase in accuracy in the processing of invoices and other company documents. Everyone knows that during their manual service it is very possible to have errors, which makes the software for automatic processing an even more necessary tool.


We will conclude today’s article by saying that these days it is highly imperative to have software solutions such as automated invoice processing to work in our favor and save us valuable time. If we want the accounting process to run smoothly and the accuracy of data extraction to be increased, it is very important to trust technological advances and take advantage of capabilities like this.