ABC Kinder Care – best choice for every parent

When you have children, you know that from the moment they are born your life changes completely. Your days are now filled with responsibilities, emotions and taking care of a newborn. However, these times should be enjoyed because the first few years fly by in what seems like a second and before you know it you have a student-to-be in your home.

The first day of preschool fills every parent with pride, happiness and relief, knowing that your little one is in trusted hands and you have time for yourself. Most of us put off working and doing personal activities in order to provide all the attention we have to our offspring, but with international kindergarten in Sofia being available to everyone you have the chance to start giving yourself what you want too.

What kind of preschool should you look for

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Nowadays, information is available to everyone and you can easily find a place that best suits your needs with just a little research. If you are living in Sofia and you come from an English-speaking background then government establishments won’t be the able to meet all your requirements. Fortunately, there is a group of devoted, experienced professionals who love taking care of children and want to make sure that even foreigners can feel at home in their preschool which is called ABC Kinder Care.

If you are looking for the best international kindergarten in Sofia then this is your place. They have everything necessary to ensure children are learning all they need for their age, that they are happy and their minds stimulated. They even have a few locations around the capital to make sure anyone can find one that is close to them.

What does ABC Kinder Care offer to its pupils and their families

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By signing up for such a prestigious preschool you are surely going to get a lot for your money. Not only will your son or daughter be socializing with their agemates daily but they will also be in a place where:

  • They will be encouraged to build up their special skills by doing a variety of activities and being guided by their devoted teachers;
  • Families and teachers are a community where you can express yourself with others freely and share ideas as well as observe your little one’s development;
  • A lot is invested in preschool education by partnering with elite universities and hiring only experienced teachers and caregivers;
  • Every child is special and is treated with individual attention and respect. Everybody is welcome and is taught to be accepting of all people;
  • A diverse and welcoming environment where your child will feel so welcome that they will look forward to coming back to the next day;
  • A variety of outdoor and indoor activities, facilitated by modern buildings in several locations around Sofia;
  • Membership at a proven establishment, with many years of hard work behind them that makes them the best in their field.

Applying for an international kindergarten in Sofia is just like every other place-if not easier. ABC Kinder Care has made sure their process is as easy and fast as possible.

How do you apply

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All you have to do is fill out an online registration form containing your information, then book a meeting with the headmaster and staff and look around the premises. Once you are set on this place you can settle your payment details, learn about the prices and choose half or full-time visitations. The last step is to choose which date will be your new student’s first day of preschool. Even if it’s hard to believe ABC Kinder Care could make your child fall in love with kindergarten.