International ABC Kindergarten Sofia Fees – how much to prepare

When the day comes for you to send your child to kindergarten for the first time, you need to be sure you as best prepared as possible. While it’s an emotional time, it’s something very natural that children go through and benefit a whole lot from. Learning all those new things like social behavior, manners and interesting facts, as well as making friends, having fun and preparing for their future all makes up a few years of long-lasting memories. This is why, you need to be sure that you are sending your son or daughter to the best preschool of your choice where you would get the best prices for the best care.

What should you look for in your child’s future kindergarten

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If you are an English-speaking citizen who has come to live in Sofia, Bulgaria and your little one has reached the age for starting daycare then an establishment like ABC Kinder Care is the perfect place for you. Working with foreigners isn’t the only thing they have to offer. They have excellent educational programs, modern facilities and caring, experienced professionals who would take impeccable care of your children. Every one of their new members is accepted with open arms and treated equally with the rest but also individually encouraged to develop their unique skills and character traits. If all these things are on your checklist for a good preschool then ABC Kinder Care ticks them all.

How much does it cost to send your child to ABC Kinder Care

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With this establishment, international kindergarten Sofia fees can be paid in several installments over the course of a few months or yearly and payments can also be made in advance of attendance. Depending on how many deposits you want to make throughout the year the prices vary from half day to full day visitation. For half a day the price is €1280 per installment and is the only acceptable option for this type of visitation. For a full day the fee is:

  • €1840 paid four times over the course of the year;
  • €3620 paid twice over the year;
  • €7100 paid once annually.

There is an initial registration fee which is €307 paid once for each member. Food is additionally charged and is not included in these tuition fees. The faster you settle your payments the bigger the deal. In this case you are paying for high quality of education and a family environment and your child will receive so much in return. All the memories they are going to make, the agemates they are going to befriend and the things they will learn will prepare them for the next stages in life.

What are the benefits of attending ABC Kinder Care

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kinder care

Unlike government establishments, here you would be accepted, your language will be spoken and you will be a part of a prestigious, upcoming kindergarten that has made its name in Sofia. Working with nationalities from all over the world helps to broaden their horizons and have experience with all kinds of children. Nurturing and educated care providers and teachers will do everything they can to make your little one look forward to attending preschool. Parents are also welcome to be a part of their child’s experience and success as well as have discussions with each other on topics that concern them.

If you think that ABC Kinder Care is for you and you find the price for quality fair then the only thing you need now is to do is sign up, which is very simple:

  • Call and book a suitable appointment;
  • Tour the facilities and talk about the conditions;
  • Decide on a payment method, provided by the preschool;
  • Choose a starting date for your child’s first day of kindergarten.

Being part of this family will help being your son or daughter into the world and make them unleash their potential and discover their abilities, making them future citizens of the society. Don’t wait longer and book your visit to ABC Kinder Care.