10 Mind Blowing Benefits of Having a Clean Home

Did you know having a clean home has a ton of benefits? Check out this blog post to find out more, trust us, some of these will blow your mind!

Yeah, yeah, we know–you hate cleaning. Isn’t it enough to run the dishwasher every once in a while and keep your clothes mostly contained to the closet? Well, ah, maybe…

But the truth is, studies have clearly shown the cleanliness of your home can actually have a huge impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health! There’s deep positive energy within a clean, well-organized home, and for the sake of your family’s wellbeing, it’s necessary to explore this energy.

There are tons of health benefits found from keeping a clean home. Some of these might surprise you! Check out these 10 health benefits of living in a clean home.

1. Lessens Spread of Germs

While many people believe the major concentration of germs in the home is contained to the bathroom, you’ll actually need more than a good bathroom-wipe-down each week to lessen the spread of germs.

In fact, any flat and frequently-touched surface in your home is prime real estate for germs. This includes your kitchen surfaces, cabinets, tables, light switches–anything you get your hands on most days.

Thorough and regular cleaning of your whole house can lessen the spread of germs significantly, leading to heightened health overall–and much fewer sniffles, even during flu season!

2. Reduces Allergies

You may be thinking, “Well, of course cleaning germy areas will keep me healthier!” But did you know thoroughly cleaning your home can greatly reduce the presence of allergies and asthma? Because it can!

Many of the main perpetrators in causing allergies and asthma are none other than dust and dander. Regularly cleaning your home, however, can cut down on the presence of these, leaving you with cleaner, healthier air for breathing.

Clutter increases the potential hiding places for dust and dander; staying on top of clutter and dusting can make a big change when it comes to allergy season.

3. Manages Mold

In neglected areas of your home, it’s easy for dust to pile up–and for mold to thrive.

Keeping your house clean not only increases your chances of catching moldy areas early on and doing away with them, but it increases your ability to keep your home mold-free altogether.

Mold is an often-overlooked, but harmful presence in many homes. It can cause things like severe allergies, asthma attacks, cold and flu-like symptoms, and other debilitating effects. Keep your home clean and skip the health impact of rampant mold.

4. Keeps Pests Away

Okay, brace yourself; this is a gross one. A dirty or consistently messy home can actually become a breeding ground for unwanted pests–and we’re not talking about that annoying kid your son befriended.

A messy home is the perfect place for pests to breed and multiply. Creatures like bugs and rodents aren’t just unwelcome guests; they’re also highly dangerous. They can play a key role in the spread of disease, allergies, bacteria, and germs.

Regular cleaning — especially in the kitchen–is an important step in keeping your home infestation-free and keeping your family healthy by extension.

5. Improves Safety

Two of the leading causes of household injury and death are falls and fires. A cluttered or dirty home can lead to both of these.

Leaving stuff where it doesn’t belong in your house, like in the middle of the floor or against a radiator, can be detrimental to your health. It can cause you to trip, to stumble, or to cause an even bigger fiery disaster.

Keeping your home tidy and organized means reducing your risk of falling and reducing the chances of a house fire–thus, improving your safety overall when spending time at home.

6. Lowers Fatigue

Wait–so spending time cleaning the house can make you…less tired? Well, absolutely! (Especially if you hire somebody else to do the cleaning for you–wink, wink).

When living in a messy home, you’re constantly reminded of all the work which needs to be done to get your house back in order. Everywhere you turn, you’re met with another reminder that your house has become too messy.

As you can imagine, this constant reminder can wear on a person. The preoccupation and the endless time spent looking for things lost in the mess can cause severe fatigue to inhabit your body. Keeping things tidy means your house won’t wear on you so much.

7. Decreases Stress

In the same vein as fatigue comes stress and anxiety brought on by a messy house. Your home should be a place you come to in order to feel your stressors fall away–not to have your stress levels amped up.

Keeping a clean home means you won’t have to stress about the state of the place at any time; not after a long holiday, not when last-minute guests arrive, not as you’re trying to fall asleep at night, and not at the end of a tenancy.

If you can start off your days stress-free in your neat and tidy home, your days will feel calmer and more relaxed overall.

8. Improves Diet & Weight

Whaaaat? We’re still talking about keeping a clean house, right? You bet!

Studies at Cornell University showed evidence that chaotic environments may play a large role in individuals’ diet and weight. When faced with a messy kitchen, subjects consumed nearly 2-times as many calories as subjects in a clean kitchen did.

Keeping your home tidy can lend a sense of self-control, which extends to control over diet and food.

9. Supports Productivity

How many times have you found yourself in your home, attempting to be productive–but finding yourself completely distracted by the mess around you? Probably a lot.

That’s because chaotic environments provide no place for your eyes to rest. You’re surrounded by the chaos and all the work that ought to get done, and it’s nearly impossible to focus on the task at hand, even if your messy home is otherwise quiet. Keeping a clean house supports productivity by removing the preoccupation you have over the mess.

Productivity and feelings of accomplishment can work wonders for your mental health. Keeping your home clean so you can jump straight into your work may be just the boost you need to start feeling good about yourself.

10. Boosts Self-Esteem

When most people think of health and cleaning, they think cleaning’s link to things like germs and dust. But the fact is, a clean home is actually a huge element of good mental health for many people!

Another huge factor in a person’s mental health is, of course, self-esteem. Did you ever consider the ways in which keeping a clean house can boost your self-esteem overall? Because there are loads!

Keeping a clean house means you’re more likely to make the space your own. You’re able to present a home you’re proud of. Keeping your house clean provides a sense of accomplishment and can actually increase the overall quality of your days, so you can walk around feeling happy and confident!

Want More Info on How a Clean Home can Help Your Health?

It’s interesting to think of cleaning as more than a chore, but as something that can actually be a major part of your family’s mental, physical, and emotional health!

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