Ancient cities of Bulgaria – Nessebar and Sozopol. Part one.

Sozopol is one of the best beach resort in Bulgaria, that’s common thinking, but very small percentage of people actually know that it is very ancient and full of history, just like his big brother Nessebar. Sozopol, just like Nessebar has this amazing unique, adventures and interesting exploring atmosphere… There are not so much buildings or very ancient churches out there, but there are many beautiful buildings from 18-19th century that will blow your mind away… also Sozopol has one of the purest beaches in Bulgaria and on the Balkans.


If you are fan of Sozopol holidays this amazing place is waiting for you. One of the interesting facts about Sozopol is that it is forbidden to drive into the city centre. That is the strategy of the mayor there… less cars more tourists, well good point right?

Nessebar is way older than Sozopol, the story of this town starts with Greeks around 500BC. They called it Apolonia named by the god Apolon (according to Wikipedia Apolon is god of music and poetry) Sozopol survives two very big attacks – by the Romans and by the Turkish hordes. While first left the heritage of ancient times, the second were focused to destroy everything that reminds the Bulgarian people for their amazing history. Many churches were destroyed back then.

There was an isle of st. John, there was build monastery in medieval ages, but this was also destroyed by the Turkish horde.

ice_cream-1Something out of this topic, the ice cream of Sozopol vendors on the streets is amazing. Me and my wife eat a ton of ice cream! So if you are a firsttimmer in Bulgaria and Sozopol you just grab an ice cream and go to explore with you family or friends. You will not be disappointed, we assure that. We strongly recommend to use Balkan Holidays as touring site and operator, there are a lot of things that this site do for you, do not miss them!

Thank you for reading, till next time with part two and three!