Are moths dangerous?

Suppose your home has ever been infested with moths. In that case, you already know that these little insects are rather annoying, persistent, and also rapidly reproducing. They can infect your foods, ruin your textile damasks, clothing, carpets, and rugs. But are they dangerous for your health and how exactly? The answer to this question is more yes than no, and here are the underlying reasons why.

#1 Moths can contaminate your food

Moths are confirmed to be dangerous to both humans and animals because of the faeces and cocoons they contaminate foods with. Moth waste can be found in dry products such as grains and cereals, flour, pasta, bread, and dry pet pellets. Consuming moth-infested goods can lead to intestinal discomfort and mild symptoms in both people and their pets.

#2 Moth larvae can trigger allergic reactions

Domestic moth invasions include the presence of a lot of moth caterpillars, known to trigger an allergic response in the human body. The risk of such reactions is highly increased in infants, toddlers, people prone to allergies, people with respiratory diseases, or individuals who have proven allergies to other indoor insects such as silverfish or dust mites. Both moth larvae and adult moths can also produce glycoproteins, that could potentially trigger allergic reactions in full-grown, healthy people.

#3 Moth caterpillars and faeces can cause skin irritations

Every day and immediate contact with moth caterpillars and bodily waste can cause your skin to react negatively. Skin irritations caused by moths can be both mild or very disturbing. They include symptoms like redness and itching, rashes, scaly skin, tiny skin blisters, eczema, and contact dermatitis. People with diagnosed skin conditions such as psoriasis, seborrhea, or atopic dermatitis are a few times more likely to experience a worsened condition during an ongoing moth infestation.

#4 Moths can worsen your present respiratory conditions

Experts warn that in its caterpillar stage, the moth is covered in tiny hairs that can increase the severity of asthma attacks, seasonal respiratory discomfort, chronic bronchitis, or ongoing pneumonia. The little moth hairs can trigger symptoms if touched or inhaled, so you can not escape them if you live in a contaminated place, no matter how careful you are. That is why people with respiratory issues are strongly recommended to seek professional moth control assistance as soon as they notice the first signs of moth infestation in their homes and/or workplaces.

Besides, moths and their waste can also cause itchy eyes, running nose, allergic cough, and several other unpleasant reactions. They rarely present a real health hazard, but are rather annoying and can lower your quality of life when staying around for too long.

To get rid of moth colonies speedy and for good, you can always reach out to a professional moth control agency to help you manage the problem efficiently. A brief research will take you to tens of service providers that offer on-site pest control in Brent and also all around London. Because living in a safe and healthy environment matters now more than it had mattered ever before!