Don’t miss the cultural sites in Bulgaria. Part two.

Thracian Tomb in Kazanlak – heritage since 1979.


In 1944 near the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak (rouses valley).The tomb is part of Thracian necropolis, the scientists are almost sure that, because of its size, it was probably a burial site of some sort of very rich family of Thracian people. Scientists was calculated that it is from around 4th century BC. The walls on Thracian Tomb in Kazanlak are one of the best preserved masterpieces of Thracian civilization in Bulgarian history. If you decide to go on vacation to see Kazanlak we recommend you to go check out Balkan Holidays site. You will find very cheap holidays to Bulgaria. Balkan Holidays is a specialist in tours to Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and so on… we are receiving very good feedback of people using their services… So we are confident that they are the best for cheap holidays to Bulgaria. You can see more of thracian tomb in kazanlak here in Wiki.

Rock-hewn churches of Ivanovo.


That is very interesting complex, which is build of rock-hewn. These orthodox churches, chapels and monasteries near village of Ivanovo (very close to the city of Ruse, Bulgaria). There are very precious medieval frescos that you can see. In this churches were lived monks from 1200 to 1700’s. They build first chambers for each one and from then some kind of connected corridors. The Rock-hewn churches of Ivanovo were closed between 1980 and 2002, but now you can visit them and see this amazing cultural monument.
You can see more about rock-hewn churches of Ivanovo here in Wiki.

Yes, Bulgaria is amazing… We agree that it is not only beaches, beatuful mountains and lakes. There are a lot to see from cultural prospective and interesting facts that you probably never know.

If you are going this late August on a holiday to Bulgaria we will be thankful to give us your impressions of these amazing monuments. (We love some pictures too!)

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