End of Tenancy Cleaning – important service to get your deposit back

End of Tenancy cleaning is one of the most important cleaning services in London. This city is full with tenants and renters, if you are one of them, you are on the right place. Today we will discuss end of tenancy cleaning service SW19/Wimbledon.

Why I need this kind of service, can I just leave?

Yes you can leave and not clean, but you will not get your deposit back from the renter he will use that money to hire a cleaning company to clean your mess. After all you have a contract that obligate you to leave the apartment/house as clean as it was before, therefore he will keep the deposit for himself and he will love it, trust us.

Can I clean the house/apartment myself, why I have to hire someone?

Yes you can, but is time consuming and very hard to do. You need to clean the entire house yourself, so it might take a few days.

Okay, what company do I hire?

VIP Cleaning London is the best in these kinds of services and situations. They are highly trained professionals with a ton of experience in the cleaning in London. They do thousands of ends of tenancy cleaning in the great city of London. In the 10 years of the life of the company they cleaned a lot of apartments, a lot of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and so on, so yes you can trust them.

Is this service expensive?

Not quite so, yes it is not the cheapest service, but is worth it.

I am a landlord and my contract was not include this kind of option and obligation to my tenants, can I use this service? Yes of course you can use it, we recommend it, because you will get new tenants more easily when is cleaned, right? 🙂