Go skiing to Pamporovo resort – your guarantee for a perfect winter vacation!

The time for ski adventures is here! We have already said “Hello „ to December and have started thinking about our next ski holiday. Actually, it can be very hard to know where and how to start when planning our winter and long waiting vacation in the mountain… We know that everybody who is searching for a winter destination is asking themselves “What is the first step, the second and so on?”. Travel can seem like very difficult undertaking related to many questions and doubts! The longer is your winter or summer holiday, the more are things you should to think about (especially when you are on a holiday with your family and kids). Our aim is to make easier the planning of your dreamed vacation!

Today we have got very good proposal for you when it comes down to ski holiday somewhere in the mountain. We highly and with most enthusiasm recommend you to go on a ski holiday in the incredible winter resort of Bulgaria ski Pamporovo! Being there, you will use the cold and snowy weather to your advantage while skiing, snowboarding or hiking! In case that you are not a big fan of winter sports, there are many other things to do (relaxing in SPA center, enjoying the pleasant environment while staying in one of the cozy restaurants with cup of hot coffee in hand, or taking a rest in your comfortable hotel room).


It is good for you, however, to know something more about the lovely resort of Pamporovo. Well, its location is more than good – Pamporovo is situated in the majestic and picturesque Rhodopi Mountains, as thousands of local people travel all over hundreds of miles all the time to see the beauty of this place! For the British and the holiday lovers around the world, Pamporovo is top European ski destination, as their number is increased with every passing year.

Due to the fact that in Pamporovo you can find very good conditions in order to practice and enjoy your favorite winter sports out (a variety of different ski slopes, lifts and ski school), you will have an exciting, as well as full of many positive emotions and irreplaceable memories winter holiday!