Learn how to renew your NEXUS card!

To renew some important document is very important and you mustn’t forget to do that, especially when the same document is required for your travels. Now you think about your passport, but it is not the only document you will need when crossing the border! If you have many travels a month and for you it is really important to move fast, your passport can not provide you with quickly crossing the border… Yes, it is mandatory for all people who travel abroad, but for those who are willing to make more pleasant its trips, it is necessary they to become holders of NEXUS cards or at least to remain such if they have already became!

All we know that Canada and America have very convenient location in terms of crossing their borders, as well as the organizing of short family and business trips to some of them. Their neighborhood is an excellent opportunity for all of us to visit whenever we want Canada or the U.S. (depending on where we live). Meanwhile, if we have a NEXUS card, our trip to some of these gorgeous countries will be not only short but even a pleasure for us!


Some of you probably already have a NEXUS card and now the only thing they are thinking of is how to use it as long as possible. – And how to renew it in case it is expired as well… So, in this regard, we would like to focus on the NEXUS Canada renewal and to tell you if the procedure will be difficult for you to perform it.

Shortly, the application procedure for a NEXUS card renewal is almost the same (as steps for you to follow) as when you apply for the first time (the initial application). You can apply 180 days before the expired date of your card, as the best way is to do this in term (not to miss the date of validity).

Have in mind that if your personal data has not been changed, you will receive an approval very fast, although it is not 100 % guaranteed…  As you probably know the main requirement for you to get a NEXUS card and then to renew it (if necessary) is the absence of a criminal record.

Renew your NEXUS card in case it is expired and keep traveling in the best way possible – without waiting on the border for a customs check!