Your NEXUS card is missing? See what to do here!

Every of us, at some point have lost something valuable and something that is really important! Things we need in our daily round have to be well-kept and stored by us, so that to avoid eventual problems like their loss or even stealing… If you travel many times a month and often use your passport or NEXUS card, be careful and do not allow your documents to disappear!

Still, if you face with this situation and for some reason your documents are missing, you have to be informed what to do and how to do it in order to resolve this problem. If you keep reading, will understand how to replace your NEXUS card and what the procedure for its replacing is! Stay here and read this useful information…

As you probably know, every NEXUS card will provide you with faster crossing the borders between Canada and the U.S. Being a member of NEXUS you can use ONLY your NEXUS card, without bringing your passport. And in this train of thoughts, to lose this so important document like the NEXUS card is very unpleasant and even terribly! See more about stolen nexus card and do not leave this page.


At the end of each tunnel there is light… And if you have lost your NEXUS card, there is a solution too. You can simply replace it by filling in a special application, so do not worry and just act! Do not waste your time while reading on the Internet what to do and trust us – we are aware of situations like this and our advices may be of great help to you.

So, when you notice that your NEXUS card is lost, the first thing you must do is to fill in the application and to send it by email for approval (within 24 hours). Once when you receive a confirmation, you have to pay the fee required as well. Have also in mind that your new NEXUS card will be issued with the same expired date like the old one, as in the meantime you probably will have to pass an interview. The last one depends of the changes made in your GOES account – if they are available, yes, you will have to go on an interview, but if they aren’t – you can skip it!

Finally, we would like calm you by telling you that even if you really have lost your NEXUS card, you will be able to replace it with new one in short terms. You will be able to travel comfortable once again, but do not forget to be more careful next time! Thus, you will save a lot of effort and worries!