Pamporovo is one of the best mountain resorts in Bulgaria

At the heart of the beautiful Rhodope Mountains is situated the resort Pamporovo. It is known with its sunny weather and the snow cover during the winter season. Across Europe it is ranked first in plenty of sunlight and favorable weather conditions which are necessary for the practice of winter sports. See here the amazing offers that the one of the leading touring sites offers.

The resort is located at 1650 meters above sea level and is 250 km remote from Sofia and 85km from Plovdiv.

The climate in Pamporovo is affected by the Aegean Sea, making it very pleasant for tourists – throughout the ski season there are about 120 days and predominant sunny time. As the tourist season, it starts from December to April and the middle temperature is about 3 degrees.

There is different ski – runs with degrees of difficulty, which can be used by both beginners and more advanced people. Irrespective of each skier’s level, you can choose easier or more difficult racing for practicing winter sports.

Meanwhile every guest at the resort can take an advantage of skiing practice that are conducted by professional instructors. In this way each of the guests will make better their own skills. There is also an opportunity to hire a ski equipment and to visit the lift.

For the safety of all excursionist it is not recommended to skiing where the areas are not detached. The best solution for practicing your favorite winter sports is you to be in the company of a professional instructor who will protect you from possible accidents.Bansko1

As for the places where you can go during your stay in Pamporovo, it is recommending to go to the ancient city of Plovdiv, the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, Smolyan and the beautiful Bachkovo Monastery. All they are very attractive destinations, as with your visit you will see different landmarks.

For the lovers of nightlife, again available are various of bars and restaurants where you can have fun until the morning. In addition, there are nightclubs and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice dinner. Near each ski – run there are restaurants, so you’ll be able to relax from the snowy adventures and collect new strength.

If necessary on the territory of Pamporovo is online 24-hour patrol that will respond in case of accident. The tourist base is equipped with ambulances, medical centers and pharmacies, while in the nearest towns there are dental offices.