Summer holidays in Europe – where, when and how?

Summer is the best season ever! The beach, the smiling people and all the incredible energy everywhere are definitely good for us. Summer can make us really happy, because the powerful sun rays, as well as all the sea entertainments have very good influences on us! And when it is time to hit the road during our leave, we have to carefully choose our sea destination where to enjoy all that!

It is not as easy to make a choice as you probably think it is… In Europe there are so many suitable, beautiful and famous tourist destinations where you can take you family on a holiday, that hardly you can make a decision just for one day. Perhaps you will need more time to do that, as even you may a need a help!

If eventually you need to get advices, proven tips, or to learn about the experience of other holidaymakers who just like you love to explore new places and destination, meet us! We know how to guide you, what to tell you and what destination to recommend you. We have long experience with travels and would like to share it with you…

The first place which can be compared to paradise is the country of Croatia (see summer Croatia). We never get tired to go there. We never get bored sightseeing in Croatia, or to visit one and same cities. We love to do that and do not think to stop doing it! Be like us and feel the same emotions we felt by visiting this gorgeous land. It can be even said that Croatia looks like a real fairy place where princes and princesses live… Everything there is so amazingly beautiful, that you will never want to leave this place. We advise you to spend in Croatia more than a week. If you have the chance to stay there for more time, just do it. Do not worry that your vacation will be monotonous or boring. Nothing of the kind! In Croatia you will experience so many exciting moment and emotions that your two-week holiday won’t be enough for you!

dubrovnik croatia

In another train of thoughts, you should start your vacation in Croatia from somewhere… Let’s say that you would like to see the most famous city first and then to continue your tourist program with the other popular places. But which is the most visited town in this land. Probably you think about holidays Dubrovnik?

Yes, that is correct! The city of Dubrovnik is the most famous, city in Croatia as every summer it welcomes thousands of tourist from all over the world. And even that it is not the capital of the country, nor is it the biggest town, Dubrovnik fully deserves to receive the prize of “the most beautiful city”!

If you go to the Fortress walls and later walk down the Stradun Street, will make sure that this prize is completely deserved… In generally, Dubrovnik can be described as an ancient city that is keeping the spirit of the past and that always has something to offer. The prices are low; the people are friendly and nice, while the places where you can dine or have fun are numerous.

Visit the beach. The Adriatic is simply amazing and you will have the chance to enjoy many breathtaking views… If you are on a holiday there with your beloved one, be ready for a real romantic adventure! The city of Dubrovnik will inspire you; will make you feel indescribably good and the most important thing – even more in love! Who doesn’t want the last one…

Enjoy Dubrovnik and feel the summer!

sunny beach bulgaria

As we said, there are many magnificent places across Europe that worth visiting. If you make a short research of the destinations, no doubt you will run into the country of Bulgaria – the land of roses and good wine! This place is just as good for summer holidays as Croatia, but there you can experience real fun! Especially if you book a hotel in Sunny Beach resort – the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria! There is the center of the Black Sea coast, as many people (both the locals and the foreign tourists) go there for one reason only – the legendary night life! It is so famous that young and old go to Sunny Beach to touch it. After that they become addicted to it!

No matter what it is about, Sunny Beach resort is the best and the most developed sea destination in Bulgaria. The proof is the millions of tourists who go there every year, and the increasing of their number in the next one. There is no other summer resort in Bulgaria that is so visited and so preferred. Only Sunny Beach resort provides its quests with so many things at once: a good beach, excellent establishments, attractive night clubs, low prices, many entertainments, family-friendly hotels and so on.

See, Sunny Beach resort is all that you need…You have time enough to visit it this summer, so do not waste it and grab the chance to take advantage of the incredible tourist packages. You can book an ALL inclusive hotel at low price, as well as to spend more time for less. Just do not waste a time and go ahead. Sunny Beach is waiting for you and your family!

If we have to say some final words about Bulgaria and its summer resorts, we would like to point out that hardly there is another country like this one… The nature, the sea, the people… All that is so good that if you go there once, will want to go there once again! Bulgaria is the land of roses that is perfect for your family or solo summer vacation. We recommend you to go there during the winter season too, because the ski resorts of Bulgaria are very good and will give you the best snowy moments ever!

Before to leave your home and to hit the road to some of the countries we have recommend you today, make sure that you have everything that you need: good mood and camera! You will need them!