TheHappyCampers present: Bulgaria Ski Holidays – Review the best destinations for your family! – Part two.

Hello again, friends and fans! In our first part of these articles we discuss the Pamporovo as attractive destination for winter ski holiday with your family. Now we will focus in the other major destination in Bulgaria – Borovets. If you are looking for great value package holiday see Borovets. page or seek the other major touring sites. We add this, because we get a lot of questions where we can buy Pamporovo – Bulgaria holiday for our family. Well, now you have that answered for Borovets. So lets start.


Borovets is very well known winter resort. This placa have a reputation of being great destination for many years now. Even it is not as good for kids and families as Pamporovo we have to say that Borovets have advantages too. For example you will love that the whole resort is very compact and easy to navigate if you want to go on skiing all you have to do is leave the hotel. The lifts are very close to the hotels. If you are not a big ski fan, like me, for example you can leave your wife and children to skiing around and you can enjoy many other things in this place. The activities are many such as: quiz nights, Borovets seeks talent, bumboarding and the list goes on.

The food is amazing too, the restaurants are very traditional oriented and you will love Bulgarian food there.(see the yumi picture, hah)72e402f4a8528bff484480cddd015a03The SPA is very cheap (you may find package that include SPA for free). If we compare the SPA with the UK you will be pleased that it cost 1/3 of UK’s SPA centre procedure. So if you are a mom that need a little break, just leave dad with the kids and go to SPA!

You can also enjoy the boiling open swimming pools, btw at first it takes guts to go out naked…

This is our family review of Borovets, we hope enjoy it as much as we do. Visit this resort with your family if you were in Pamporovo, you will love it too!
P.S. Borovets is not a place to be if you are very much beginner at skiing or snowboarding. Just saying…