Tips to pick and wear a necklace

Choosing a men’s necklace is far from easy. So, to avoid buying a piece of jewelry from another era or a creation unsuitable for your look, it is in your best interest to study a few determining criteria.

Choose a men’s chain

The composition of metals

If you are determined to offer yourself a men’s chain to accessorize your outfit, you need to compare the models available for sale according to certain objective factors, starting with the materials from which they are made. Gold and silver are the two main jewelry metals that can catch your eye. If their properties differ, the same two metals can also have contrasting characteristics. Thus, two gold necklaces do not necessarily have the same gold content and two silver chains do not necessarily have the same precious metal content.

Note also that there are different colors, especially for gold: white, yellow or pink gold (even if the latter is rather reserved for women). You can definitely prefer stainless steel parts to those made of silver, jewelry that has the advantage of never rusting. Available in several shades and generally more economical than their silver counterparts, stainless steel necklaces can completely satisfy you if you do not covet high quality jewelry.

The type of mesh

In addition to the material, we invite you to compare the type of mesh that characterizes the most aesthetic chains in your eyes. First of all, collars composed of a flat, elongated and slightly twisted horse mesh are listed. The one that looks like the pattern of the anchor of a boat is rather oval with a crossbar, it is the marine mesh which varies by being round or flattened.

The possibility of a pendant

You are free to choose a chain without a pendant or to personalize it with a precious stone like any other element such as a cross or a medal. If you are an atheist, the spiritual nature of lithotherapy may find more thanks to your eyes! For example, you could be tempted by a turquoise, known for its stress-relieving properties, or lapis lazuli, the stone that opens chakras. How about a jade at the end of your chain, a stone of luck and fulfillment? Minerals with singularly masculine characters include volcanic lava, tiger’s eye and onyx, the latter particularly influencing concentration.

How to properly wear a male chain?

The length

You must take into account your morphology to select the jewel that suits you the most. If your neck is rather thin, a fine mesh necklace is recommended. Conversely, chains with convict / slave links correspond to thick necks. The shape of the face also plays a major role, it must be taken into consideration as when it is a question of determining which pair of glasses is most suitable for your face.

For your information, note that the usual length of a men’s chain is 50 centimeters. However, a shorter model that reduces the angle of the chin enhances a square or rectangular face. Look for the verticality effect with a long or medium length necklace if you have a round face.

The dress code

It is always possible, even when well informed, to commit a clusmy error in taste. If the mixture of materials is not too risky (with the exception of a high-end / low-end combination), bet on creations with a minimalist style if you decide to wear several simultaneously, otherwise you will look like to a Christmas tree. The associations of several discreet chains have the favors of the most rockers among you.

The silver chain with medium links is ideal for a man who wishes to assert his manhood. For a relaxed style, a mid-length leather necklace does its job fully. If you succumb to this material, be sure to match it with any other leathers. Devoid of stone or a pendant of another nature, the chain with fine links remains trendy and has the advantage of accommodating all clothing styles. Finally, the necklace is rarely appropriate with a suit, because it is indeed difficult to put it over the shirt.