Vacation in September in Sunny Beach – see this!

Well the summer is almost over, but still it is great for holiday. You will be not with all others holidaymakers that choose August as a primary month for traveling and vacation. The best of Sunny Beach is yet to come. Bulgaria is one of the countries that have an amazing September weather, sunny no rain, no high speed wind.

Sunny Beach is located near Bourgas, you can flight to the airport of Sarafovo and from then there are like 20 minutes to your hotel. All – inclusive packages are very cheap in September and you have to check them out. Our team visit Sunny Beach last week and we are very happy with the memories and photos. The weather was great, there was not a lot of people and it was very good balanced vacation. We choose Neptune as our hotel, very high end, but in this month the price was great. It was very good vacation and we recommend you, if you do not go on a summer vacation this year, go now, book last minute holiday to sunny beach and have fun! Winter is coming as the Starks say…Drinks

If you are a party lover you can still get to the major nightlife spots… like Mexo Bar – all day, all night party place. Guaba Beach Bar – near the sea, go to swim, come back take the best of the sun and party like an animal in the night. Revolution – our favorite nightlife place in Sunny Beach, why? – Because this place has more than 800 people capacity and it is almost always full! The drinks are very cheap, girls are pretty, music amazing.

If you want to visit disco club with a lot of Bulgarian people, girls mostly… try Bedroom – you will be amazed by the atmosphere and the party options there…

See this amazing video we found in youtube about the nightlife in September Sunny Beach.