Want to move in and move out? – See this cleaning service

Hey dear reader of happy campers magazine, today we will cover some of the most wanted cleaning services in UK – London. That is the end of tenancy cleaning time… When you move in move out you are obligated to clean your apartment or house that have been rent in order to take back your deposit. This situation is quite delicate, because if you do not clean it right or the landlord is not satisfied with the results, he or she may not return your deposit and you cannot do pretty much anything about that situation…

In order to help you, dear reader, we decided to look for the best end of tenancy services in London. We look well over 20 sites and companies, we look for satisfaction rate, spoke with a lot of customers of these companies (secretly of course) and we found out that neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive ones are the best in this move in, move out situation. We found out that many of the customers had problems with their landlord, even after using professional help and yes maybe a lot of these cases are landlords fault, but still it is a metric that we use to measure the satisfaction rate of these customers.

So… the best cleaning company for end of tenancy service in London (we have to be honest) is VIP cleaning London Company. Yes they have strange name in our opinion, but still this data come on top of all. They have a ton of good services, but end of tenancy cleaning is one of the most used services. They were very happy with our results and so as we. We really put an effort to know inside and out any aspect of this service, from the phone call and the service of the company in the first point of interaction with a client, to even the following promotion for repeat use of services in the same company.

Thanks for reading our articles, it is great honor for us to provide you with this data. Clean your home before going on a vacation this year, when you are back at home you will feel cozy and relaxed – sounds good, right?

Best wishes Happy Campers.