What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are mostly hitchhiking pests, so you can easily bring them into your home when visiting different local and international locations.

Today, we present you with a shortlist of places where a bed bug infestation could start from, along with some necessary precautions you can take to reduce the risk.

Hotels, hostels, and dorm rooms

Considering the large numbers of people employing these accommodations, they are usually among the most common origins of bed bug infestations.

If you had been recently taking a multiple-day tourist or business trip, you might face an increased risk of bed bug invasion. In order to avoid it, always store your backpacks and suitcases away from the bed and furniture in the chosen accommodation.

Trains, buses, and aeroplanes

Staying somewhere is as risky as getting there and coming back, as far as bed bugs are concerned. Large gatherings of people and baggage are among the top risk factors you can’t easily avoid.

If you spot any pests, eggs, or skin peels in the fibres of your luggage, you better contact bed bug control professionals and ask them how to proceed.

Public transportation and taxi cabs

You don’t need to travel long distances, as bed bugs may be lurking on any soft surface used by many people on a daily basis.

To avoid bed bug infestation from public transportation or taxi cabs, always take off your clothes after coming home, wash them carefully, and use either a hot dryer or ironing.

Public spaces

Your home’s perfect hygiene won’t stop bed bugs from getting in if you bring them along after a visit to any infected public space. This includes any place with soft furnishing or fabric coverings: schools and universities, theatres, city halls, libraries, or even your workplace.

That’s why keeping your “outside” clothes away from your interior is still your best shot. A licensed Bed Bug Specialist could give out further advice on preventive measures and help you recognize the first signs of the bed bug problem in your home.

A friend’s or family member’s house

Bed bugs could hitchhike on your clothing or your bag while you’re visiting any type of residential property also. It’s always wise to keep your eyes open and prevent yourself from sitting on any surfaces that show signs of bed bug infestation.

These involve tiny bloodstains, little brownish spotting, unpleasant odour, or visible remains of bed bug eggs and skin peels.

Second-hand clothing and furniture

When buying second-hand clothing, you would be very thoughtful to give it to dry cleaning before you start using it.

As far as second-hand furnishing is concerned, you might want to do a preventive bed bug heat treatment in case you notice anything suspicious on the surface of the item.

Birds or bats nesting nearby

Bedbugs evolved a hundred years ago and have not been transmitted by birds or bats since then. Bats can carry Bat Bugs, which are similar to Bed Bugs, but cannot survive using human blood only.  

Multi-unit buildings and residential complexes

Last but not least – bed bugs can literally crawl between apartments in big residential buildings. There’s no need to stress out about it – keeping your house clean and tidy is almost guaranteed to be just enough.

Anyway, if you start getting strange bites or notice some spotting on your bedding, walls, or furniture – do not hesitate to contact adept bed bug control to help you cope with the issue.