Apply for your NEXUS card and travel to Canada or the U.S. faster than the others!

No doubt, to travel fast is great! But sometimes we have to stop during our movement because of our kids and more especially because they cannot stand all the traveling. Many times it takes a few hours –time that for us is nothing, but not for our children! In these cases we must make several stops in order our children to feel better, but all that is possible when traveling by car. If we attend to travel by air, or by boat, to stop during our movement will be quite impossible, so plan very well your trip and do not forget these details! If you have small kids, the best way for you to get your destination will be the plane!

But actually, there is another option for you to get your tourist destination fast. It is called NEXUS card and is the best way for movement between Canada and the U.S.! You can use it when traveling in all the different ways we have listed, so keep reading this article and find out how to apply and how long you will be able to use this card. If you are a traveling parent, you must get the NEXUS family package – amazing option for the families with kids of all ages.


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Well, the first condition you have to meet before to apply for membership in the NEXUS program is to love to travel… Together with that you should cross often the borders of America and Canada – only then it makes sense for you to get a NEXUS card. If you travel to some of these amazing countries with your family only once or twice a year, just forget about the NEXUS cards. But if you travel many times a year to Canada or to the next country (the U.S.), definitely you need a NEXUS card! Apply for it today!

To apply for the whole family, you have to follow several steps. The first one is to fill in the application form by providing your personal data and those of all the members of your family. Tell your kids that you will play a funny game, so that to make the process even funny!

The second step is to send the same application form by email and after that (the third step) to pay the fee. Have in mind that all kids under 18 are exempt from a fee! Within 24 hours your profile will be assigned in the system and you have to wait for a certain period of time. Note that your approval is not guaranteed and if you have a criminal record, you can be denied!

Let’s not be black-headed and guess that you already are approved from the NEXUS program. – Great, right! How many years you think the NEXUS card is valid? – One, two, more? Do you think that after its expired date you will be able to renew it, or unfortunately you will have to forget about this incredible card? Or with other words – the more you have used it the more…

Nope, you won’t have to forget about your NEXUS card. You can renew it, you can use and enjoy it again, as the only thing you should do is to apply again. But this time for renewal! And have in mind that if you want to apply for the NEXUS family package, the procedure will be faster than if you apply only for you! Or for each of your family separately…

Fill-in the application form here:

There are several steps again you have to follow. There is no way for you to get an approval without this… And even that you have been a member of the NEXUS program in the past, must apply once again. Your data may not be the same, so you have to update it in order to get an approval. We believe that you will! If you read what we wrote above, will see what you have to do when you decide to renew your NEXUS family package. See, the procedure is the same and there is nothing different that could hinder you to apply successful.

The last topic we would like to pay attention today is how to replace your NEXUS card in case it is stolen, damaged or even lost. Yes, you can face such a situation, so be prepared when this happens. We will help you by giving you information regarding the renewal procedure. Stay here!


When traveling we have to be very careful with our documents. If we are distracted and do not pay attention to our luggage, the chance to lose it is huge! Someone can steal it, that is really very unpleasant but is completely real! Be careful at the airport – the risk of losing your baggage there is great. – Do you want this?

Whatever you do, sometimes you can’t control the situation and have to find the best solution when something went wrong. For example, both your wallet and luggage have been stolen. You cannot travel without your passport or NEXUS card and have to do something to resolve the problem. And the best decision you can make is to apply to replace your NEXUS card and to keep traveling as before as well!

When applying for replacement of your NEXUS card, you will get a new card but with the same expired date. Your personal data will be carefully checked for any changes (different address or so) and after that you will receive your new document. You can take advantage of this procedure/service in case your NEXUS card is stolen, damaged or lost, as the steps you have to follow to apply successful are 4 – the same as when you apply for the firsts time (the initial applying)!

Have in mind that the NEXUS program gives the great chance to all travelers to replace their cards when they are missing. And that is one of the reasons why all the citizens of Canada and America love so much this program! Keep traveling as before and replace your card. Surely, you will need it in the future!