Does your friend have a criminal record?

Is there some place where we can find everything for someone? Starting with the address and the phone number and finishing with the information regarding the criminal past (if available)? Can we be able to decide if our new friend is a good company for us?

We live in dangerous times when there are many crimes and nobody cares about the other, so the only chance for us to protect our loved ones is to check who we are dealing with! If you stake on the well-known methods like Google and Facebook, you risk not finding anything. We agree that definitely there is a lot of information available for all of us, but if you want to understand in details the past of someone, then you have to think about another way…

detective – the biggest Internet portal for people search where you will find thousands of records incl. those for yourself. A delicate way for you to get informed about people you are interested in, as the data you will find will be correct and updated!

Why you have to use this service?

The U.S. is a leading country when it comes down to crimes and their victims. Every day something happens and we even have no idea who is behind this! What if that someone is your neighbor, or even a boyfriend? What are you are going to do if you found out that the most special person in your life is a criminal!

Before fall in love with someone, or to get close to the next door guy, be sure that he has clear past and has no criminal record as well! If you skip this part, you risk having many problems in the future. Use the criminal records search by and see the latest information about the citizens of the U.S.

Every year, month and even day we are witnesses of countless crimes of a different nature: theft, murder, fraud and even sexual violence. This is really alarming statistics that we should not neglect. When it is about our loved ones, we must take measures in time in order to protect them from criminals and unpleasant incidents! Checkthem will help you do that!

It will take you just a few minutes to check the past of someone, while to resolve some future problems will take you significantly more time… Why you should deal with resolving of unpleasant situations when you can do something much more simple – to check in if you really have reliable friend or not!