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Тhese days we are always on hurry, we do not have time for big house, carpet cleaning… That’s why we strongly recommend you to hire some firm to do this job for you. It is not expensive and you will save a lot of time, a lot of energy and money, even… So are you interested in something like this? – If you do, this article is just for you. We start with carpet cleaning London firms, because the majority of our readers are from the hearth of London and who actually have time in London, anyways…?


We are big fans of the firm called Cleaning Day they are very experienced in this area, very professional oriented firm with very high standards of the term “clean”. If you are located in London just visit their site and call them. They are working in very cheap prices, may be best in value in whole UK.

Yes, we know that there are many, many firms that provide this kind of service. These guys are amazing in cleaning believe you can be sure about that… They offer very professional steam cleaning, that you will be absolutely amazed with the results. They prepare the carpet before they start to clean it, that is very important in this whole process (we are not experts, but if you know better, just comment below) so you can visit them and ask them about the terms, about the price and everything.

Cleaning Day are using very special and professional steam equipment, this strong steam remove the strong and very hard to clean stubborn stains on your carpet. Dirt for them is easy, the fine particles are child’s play… As far as we know they are using special method of hot water “extraction” method. This advanced method is very common in high end professional carpet cleaning firms, but there in Cleaning Day they are delivering this to you in great, great value. The process is very complicated, the equipment is using special blend of chemicals, injecting it to the carpet fibers under very strong pressure, that way the strong bond of dirt and the carpet fibers. We will not bother you with more specifics, just call them and you will find out more information.


Cleaning Day also provides amazing rug cleaning to the customer in London. So if you are an owner of rugs, well that’s you firm too…

Thanks for reading, we will love to give us feedback on Cleaning Day firm. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the results, as much as we do!