Looking for holiday for you and your girlfriend? See This.

So, no doubt the time alone with that we are spending with our love in a holiday is very precious for you and your girlfriend or wife. Why? Because you are in different place and you explore, discover together as a team, as you have to be in real life. That’s why it is very, very important to choose the right destination for that journey, right? We recommend you to visit Nessebar. For your ultimate Nessebar holiday exploration. But why Nessebar?

Well, Nessebar is on the beatuful coast of great Black Sea in Bulgaria. This ancient city is very charming and mixing the old ways in Bulgaria with the new life. Sandy beaches, ancient things to see, very tasty local food and amazing local wine. Perfect romantic holiday for you and you wife, or girlfriend.

Nessebar is over 4000 years old… there are many civilizations that you will see there. Each one of them is left a mark of time in this amazing city. Bulgarian archeology are still finding new and amazing things about Nessebar and its history, be one of these explorers and find happiness there. We recommend you to take camera, big storage for amazing picture, because this city will blow your mind. This ancient city is protected by UNESCO! It is home of more than 50 history monuments. Now you are probably thinking … “Okey, very good, but we are young folks out here… is there nightlife”? – Answer – Yes, yes, again yes.

Nessebar has a lot, no … a ton of amazing restaurants and clubs. Seafood is well beyond amazing, fresh fish is all over this place. There are very cool nightclubs, but still it is not as nosy as Sunny Beach resort or Golden Sands… If you want to have a good time with your beloved one Nessebar is your chouise for sure. This town is very quiet and offers more space for you two and less in crowded resorts.

Thanks for reading, we will love you to share with us you opinion of this amazing ancient city, soon we will make article about the key things to do and see in this town. For now, see ya! If you are not so romantic, you can check out Balkan Holidays blog post about Golden Sands Beach and Hotels.