Best three things about Croatia that you will love!

Best three things about Croatia that you will love!

You may not know, but most of the people visiting great country of Croatia is telling us that it is really amazing place and that you will love this place. It is full of surprises. Before we go down on best three thinks about Croatia, we recommend you to see the Croatia Holidays. BH has more than 50 years experience in offering great amazing summer holidays at very affordable prices. This is by far best Tour Operator in value for money – Balkan Holidays.

As we said Croatia is full of surprises, it is very interesting country, here is why:

Number one: Wine lovers will love the locally made special wine.


Very small portion of holidaymakers in Croatia know that the Croatia people are very proud of their locally made amazing wines. But the wines are not the only thing that local people are making you can try very special maraschino. This is a liqueur which is made from cherries that is produced in local city of Zadar. Are you still thinking about it? – well, don’t! Visit Croatia this August and have fun!

Number two: We love wine, but we love more Croatian food!


We want more and more from Croatian cuisine. It is really, really good! Croatian people are religious about their food and you will see that in the first restaurant you visit there. We strongly recommend not only earing, but understanding why and what you are eating out there… Croatian food is mostly fresh veggie and meat. You will find a lot of this kind of food in local restaurants. This kind of really amazing food, mixed with local wine is king! Croatia is waiting for you!

Number three: Big fan of roman architecture? – We are too.


Well, now you are probably thinking why I have to go to Croatia, when there is a lot of roman architecture in Rome? Or ever Greece?? You will be very surprised, as we mention in the title, Croatia is full of surprises. In Croatia there is a lot of amphitheaters, palaces and much, much more.

If you visit one of the ancient cities of Split and Pula you will be amazed of that kind of architecture out there. So you don’t have to go in Rome or Greece to see Roman civilization, just jump to Croatia! See more at this video:

Thanks for reading, we hope enjoy it as much as we did. If you have questions, please write us down, we will be happy to answer you anything for Croatia and holidaying there. All Best!