Looking for amazing holiday? – try Lake Baikal!

If you are looking for an amazing holiday, something different and exciting, we recommend you to visit Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is a rift lake in Russia, near Siberia. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world (nearly 20% of world’s unfrozen fresh water), it is the world’s deepest lake and considered world’s oldest. This destination is great opportunity to discover new world, you will discover amazing sites and views like this:

How you can reach Lake Baikal?

You can reach this amazing lake by air, train and bus. Most nearest airport is in Irkutsk, you can reach it from Moscow. If you prefer train, we recommend this way of travel, Baikal-Amur Mainline and Trans-Siberian Railway is both good railways to reach Lake Baikal. Buses are good way to travel to your destination.

How about the food?


As you may guess the food are mostly fish. Local restaurants are offering amazing fresh fish meals and recipes. If you are fish lover you will love this place. If you are not, we are sure that you will find alternative food.

Where you can stay in?


We will surprise you with our answer. Lake Baikal tourism is very advanced, you can find some very luxury hotels out there, with spa and amazing views to the lake itself. If you prefer something more like guess houses you can find them too, don’t worry.Climate as you may guess is cold. You will need warmest winter jackets you can find, the lake itself is freezing for about five – six months in the year. So u can imagine largest freshwater lake in the world is in ice for ½ year. It is cold out there, this is Russia, after all. Best time to travel is May to October.

What to do Lake Baikal? – Activities.

We recommend you to start with sightseeing tours.


You can continue with some rafting, kayaking and yacht-sailing. It is not expensive at all, all in it is like 65$ a day. For this kind of activities we recommend you to go in late June or July.


Another exciting thing to do is cycling, if you are not bike lover you can try horse riding.


Last, how about some winter sports out there, why not? Lake Baikal is offering amazing conditions for skiing, snowboarding and even ice – fishing (which is very cool and different) We recommend you to visit Lake Baikal in December – January if you are looking for winter sports.


See more amazing pictures in this video:

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