Are you loving nightlife of Sunny Beach – so do we! – Part one.

Well for young generation nightlife in a resort is very important part of decision making, when goes down to holidays, summer holidays. When you arrive in Sunny Beach we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the high quality of nightlife in the resort. Sunny beach is one of the leading resorts in Bulgaria. We recommend you to visit, they are leading tour operator in United Kingdom and have more than 50 years of experience providing amazing value holiday to the customers. Browse their site for offers. So when you choose your holiday package in Balkan Holidays you can plan where to party, we give you small guide of the hottest spots in resort of Sunny beach.

Number one: Mexo Bar /See pictures/


Mexo Bar is the best beach bar in the resort, why? Mexo Bar is in the very heart of the resort and that quality keeps the party going all night until sun rises and it is time for breakfast. If you are disappointed of some club that tells you “We are closing” – go to Mexo Bar it is nonstop party all night and day. Of course they provide amazing atmosphere, regular fire shows, cocktails are professional way made and Mexo’s staff are very good professionals in every aspect.

Number two: Guaba Beach Bar  /See pictures/


If you are just arriving in sunny beach resort you will want to just lay down somewhere and relax. After that, when the sun goes down you can return at the Guaba Beach bar again and prepare for amazing night. If you are a fan of foam party this is the place to be! There is held the biggest and most popular, attractive foam party, so write it down in not to miss list! There is other amazing attractions like fire breathers that are really cool experience, don’t miss it, again!

Are you still thinking about it? Don’t! Just have fun and share!

All best TheHappyCampers!