Don’t miss the cultural sites in Bulgaria. Part one.

Yes, Bulgaria is amazing cultural place and it is in UNESCO cultural world heritage. This small country is very popular beach and mountain holidays destination, well known for its amazing skiing and seaside resorts holidays. Other very good thing to know is that Bulgaria is offering an incredible value for money holiday. No doubt Bulgaria has amazing nature. In this particular article we will give you the cultural side of Bulgaria, which is amazing too, even more…

Every year, for years now, Bulgaria has millions of tourist. Many of them go to the amazing beaches and white mountaintops, but large portion go on coach tours, on hunt for interesting historic and cultural sites. They want to discover Bulgaria and we will give you the most interesting of them here. They are listed by UNESCO and you will be amazed we guarantee.  If you looking to book flight to Bulgaria and go on holiday this August we recommend Balkan Holidays. They are awarded as “Best medium holiday company to east and southeast Europe” and have more than 50 years of experience in providing amazing value holidays in many east and southeast countries. You can see their amazing Bulgaria holidays offer here.

Number one: “Boyana Church”

boyanaThis church has been a world heritage site since late 1979. The “Boyana Church” is one of the world’s most preserved and complete example of medieval arts and culture in this lands. Bulgaria is very old country, that’s why you will be not surprised at all. It consists of 3 different buildings and it was build in 3 different stages in time… Can you imagine that the oldest parts in this church are from 10th century! The church was closed only two times in the modern history, for renovation, of course, once in 1977 and second in 2000. Its historical monuments are still conserved and you can see them if you go in Bulgaria. See more about Boyana Church here in Wiki.

We will continue with this amazing topic very soon. If you cannot wait for it, just go on holiday to Bulgaria this summer, it is August the sun is amazing, beaches too… Combine fun and culture in your holiday vacation.

All best, TheHappyCampers!!