You are first time in Sunny Beach? – We will guide you!

So… you are first timer in sunny each and you need help, no problem. We will guide you. So… sunny beach is 40 km near Bourgas (city in Bulgaria) and over 400 km of capital – Sofia, the biggest resort in Bulgaria (beach resort, to be exact) is located between two smaller resorts – Vlas and Nessebar. The resort was build during the communist times at Bulgaria. Nessebar is very ancient city with a lot of mineral baths and amazing folklore activities. One of the best travel sites for Sunny Beach. Visit them you will not be disappointed!SB

Sunny beach has some of the purest and cleanest golden beaches sand on Balkans. The key of the popularity of the resort – Sunny beach is the Mediterranean climate of the area. The average sun time from May to early October is more than 1700 hours! History shows that it was most popular destination in German and Russian tourists, but now British are too the most popular people that you will see in the amazing resort – Sunny Beach.

Over the years Sunny Beach was in property development and even a little over the top. One of the 10 property out there is bought by British, 2 of 10 is from Russian and so on…

Beach line is over 8 km long and over 60m wide! Sunny Beach is awarded by the blue flag organization for clean and natural beaches, air and water…

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Thanks for reading, we will love you to try Sunny Beach – Bulgaria resort, and share your opinion with us! All best!