Why Croatia is attractive for holidays? – Just 4 strong reasons!

There are only few places that is so amazing like Croatia. One of them is Bulgaria. But now we will focus on Croatia. We think that holiday into this country is a must in every life. Here is forth reasons why this is true.

  1. GOT (Game of thrones) fans can follow their favorite actors of House Stark and House Lannister.

Well we do not intend, this fan based HBO series, to be number one, but as the show grows so it is the holiday destination are growing. The fans are huge mass of tourists for Croatia. Most of the footage of the TV series Game of Thrones is shooting at Dubrovnik in Croatia. So unless you have been living in a cave, for past 5 years, you know the show.

  1. How about some amazing food from Croatia?

If you are food lover (I am!) you will love Croatia. The salads are amazing, so fresh, so tasty. The sea foot is amazing – some sea spider on your salad, someone, anyone? Do not hesitate Croatia is best cuisine there is. Try it, love it and share it! – Amazing!

  1. Breathtaking landscapes – how about that view?

This is resort “Bol” Look for more information in wiki or Google pictures.

  1. Funny activites in cities and towns are usually recognized in Croatia.

If you are not sure that you will get some fun time in Croatia – you are most welcome to try. We assure you that you will have very good time in night clubs and bars. When you are in country that has so many festivals, about folklore, good old pirates, music and pop scene are just a few things. If you are hardcore party person you can visit Dubrovnik and Split – well known places for fun.

If you are still not sure for Croatia we give you these video, because one video is worth a thousand pictures and words. Have fun!