Top 5 things to do & see in beach resort – Golden Sands. Part 1.

If you are looking for some alternative beach resort of Sunny Beach, Golden Sands is very good choice. Golden Sands is near city of Varna (ancient city with a lot of history). GS (golden sands) offers to holiday travelers an amazing mix of fun and relax. The nature in GS is one of the most beautiful in all Balkans. So, let’s see these top 5 things to do in GS.

  1. Visit the Sea Garden of Varna.

Did you know that one of the oldest and largest parks in Bulgaria is in Varna? The park was built in 1894. There is a very long alley in the park focusing on BG revival with a lot of busts of the most famous and historian people from the Bulgaria and area. Near sea, by the sea garden is full of many beach clubs, they offer a lot cheap alcohol nice music like hip-hop, American style and may others. Beaches at the city are known for amazing mineral springs. The sea Garden in Varna, near Golden Sands is a national monument of beautiful landscapes and architecture.

  1. Bulgarian people and beautiful country.Varnasea

If you want to see more of Bulgaria, not only Golden Sands and Varna, you can visit some of the villages near Varna, where you can find a lot of everyday culture of Bulgarian people. The experience of authentic national lives and culture is amazing journey. Our advice is before you go to relax or having fun at the night clubs in Golden Sands, just sit on a typical Bulgarian household and order some national food and enjoy. You can order some homemade bee honey and of course yoghurt, which in Bulgaria is king!

Bare with us we are doing part 2 very soon, all best!