Top 5 things to do & see in beach resort – Golden Sands. Part 2.

3. Trips to Romania – when you want it.
If you want to change everything at your vacation for a day – just go north … to Romania! It is very close to golden sands, what is more exiting of that you change two countries in one day. Just schedule a travel to Constantsa (Romania border with Bulgaria). Constantsa is known as the one of the ancient city of Tomis. Next to Bulgaria, Romania is very old country is founded by 600BC. There are nice and good bus tours there. You can see Constanza Casino (picture) and Roman Catholic Cathedral and much, much more. Before you know you are again in golden sands at the night and talk about with friends and make some fun at the golden sands night bars.

If you are still thinking about holiday to golden sands now it is the time. August is here and we recoment you to use the leading site for summer holidays in Bulgaria – Balkan Holidays. You can fine a lot of golden sands holiday there. If you know about Balkan Holidays, please share your impression of them and Bulgaria in general.

4. How about one day cruise with amazing cruise offers.

We know that not all of you are night clubers, do not like lot of noise. If you are one of these persons type romantic souls… So how about some lazy day off with your loved ones into the sea. Slowly cruising along the Black Sea Coastline stopping off at various amazing scenic locations.

5. Balkan Festivals in Golden Sands.

No matter what, the bold, highlight of any holiday in Bulgaria is still Folklor and Balkan Fiesta (festivals).  If you do not know Bulgarian dances and amazing magic music, this is something that you have to experience. When you do holidays in Bulgaria and Golden Sands you will most likely be All inclusive – with unlimited drinks, wine and rakia (Bulgarian traditional alcohol). In Balkan Holidays blog you can read about this amaizng festivals.

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