Croatia’s Islands – Guide for Croatia Holiday. Part two – Lopud and Hvar

If the first part of this amazing journey through the amazing Croatia Islands we cover Mljet in part one. Now we will tell you more about Lopud, a little known island – very quiet and steady.

This island is one of the isolated islands out there. If we can compare it to other islands like Hvar this is unseen Island yet. Just like Mljet this piece of heaven is very little known, but full of sweeping forests and natural beauty in much abundance that you will be blown away! When you are going to visit Croatia we recommend you to go with a plan and know yourself and know what to expect.


Lopud is very good opportunity to explore with your buddies or family. The lush environment and charming small towns are the main attraction there, not to mention very sandy beach. Unlike Mljet, Lopud has a history and there are things to see there, from this perspective. Franciscan Monastery is very ancient destination to see. Lopud is very proud island – it has very unique charm and magnetic power. The bay of Sunj is really worth taking your time to explore out there.

Croatia’s gem – Lopud is very cool, but how about Hvar.

Hvar is favorite place to visit and number one in tourists visit. This is favorite place to be, when you thing about Croatia island this place has a lot to offer to a family holiday and with a lot, a ton of things kids to do. The biggest city Hvar Town is very good mixture of history, antient thing to see and very cool party offers. So you can get things from both worlds. It is not like you are in Sunny Beach in Bulgara, but yet there are a lot of life at night time. Are you still thinking about, which island is more for you, well contact us with your way to holiday, what you like and we will recommend you something.

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