Ancient cities of Bulgaria – Nessebar and Sozopol. Part three.

At part two we discover some of the amazing things in Nessebar, but one article is not enough for this amazing town. So we will finish what we started.


Nessebar was established at the end of the Bronze Age by the “Thracians” the first name of this amazing ancient town was Melsambria. It was used to transferring merchandise from one place to other by the sea. Even today you can see remnants of the ancient harbor and ships out there. After that Greeks take over and change the name of the city to Apolonia (same as Sozopol).

In 71BC the Nessebar city was under Roman control and ruled by them. Even through all this ancient civilizations Nessebar stay very important to all of them, because it’s strategic location and harbor.

Tranquil HDR sunset scene in a peaceful evening with fishing boats docked in the harbor on Nesebar, Bulgarian famous sea resort

In 813 this amazing strategic city was invaded by Bulgarian people and they named Nessebar, remember this was before 1200 years! Do you know any other country that stay in ruling for over 1200 years and did not change its name? In present days Nessebar is one of the most visited destination in the country, if you want to visit it too, we recommend you and book your amazing holiday package. It is very cool place for romantic vacation and family vacation.

Nessebar is full of life, during the night there are many restaurants and nightclubs but not as much as the biggest resort in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, still this destination is not so for clubbing and drinking cheap alcohol, but education and seeing thing that many people will not see.

This city is not only favorite place to be for Bulgarians but the foreign tourists, because of its romantic atmosphere and combination of fun, sun and beaches with antique remains that you will remember for the rest of your life. So enough talking see this place already! Here is an amazing video with drone we found on youtube.


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