Things to do in Sunny Beach Bulgaria. Our personal rating for activities.

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Paintballing with your friends and family.


Kill them all, as in Game of Thrones they said. Clash teams together and have fun shooting yourself and making very good memories. If you are in a long vacation there and you are having way too much hours on the beach and on the sand this is thing to try. Go with strategy and execution and win this game!

Karting – the fun way.


Very near to Sunny Beach resort is held very cool karting track, this is like just one mile from the sunny beach centre… It is very good adrenaline rush with a lot of loops and gybes, you will find yourself spending a lot of hours out there… This thrilling experience will stay in your mind forever. It is very kids friendly we assure you, so you can go with the kids, or your friends that are not kids, but want to be!