Healthy body, Healthy mind – Take a Holiday in August!

We were amazed by the response of previous article, so we decide to make another one.

As we said holiday is equivalent of healthy body and healthy mind. Doctor de Blum said that it is not possible at all to avoid sleeping and resting, this is the same for holidays, you cannot compensate one year of work with 2 days vacation in some country destination. You have to go regularly on trips, holidays and just chill, relaxing… So listening to the doctor we decide that it is very good to take advantage of offers. Make sure you visit them and book great holidays in amazing discounts, there are a lot of different holidays, provided by Balkan holidays, for example: luxury, winter, summer, beach, mountains and lakes, all inclusive, family holidays and so on… This will impact you life in a good way, Croatia and Bulgaria are the best places for summer holidays. Best places to relax and recover from the stress of work or personal problems and worries.


Our site is focused to point you in services and products that have been put in place to be sure of maximum satisfactory experience. Our top focus is our readers, the real holidaymakers to have fun and be happier and healthier.

The Finnish doctors in 2013 make case study and found out that holidays are like sleep for our body and mind. They are way to relaxing and be happier. They release a hormone – endorphin, the hormone of fun and happiness. This hormone is release when we make workout, sex, winning something and so on… So why not go more often to holidays? – Money you will say, well good point, but with travel site like Balkan Holidays you will fining best offers in very cheap prices for Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro, countries with very low expenses after you buy the holiday. So… don’t miss a holiday in August, the doctor said it! All best, thehappycampers!

Here is the amaizng video over one of our favorite destination – Bulgaria.