Visit the ancient city of Sozopol for having the most romantic holiday ever!

Do you love ancient cities? Do you dream to be on a holiday in some romantic and quiet but in the same time modern place? If yes, then maybe you will be interested in our proposal for a vacation in the amazing city of Sozopol (bulgaria sozopol), which is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the most romantic holiday resort in Bulgaria!

In case that you would like to learn more about this lovely tourist destination, stay here with us to receive more details for the amazing city of Sozopol…


Everybody who has been in Sozopol before wants to go back there over and over again… It is not enough this place to be visited just one time, because the unique atmosphere, incredible old houses and breathtaking sunsets will impress you as never before and make you want to go to Sozopol all the time! Although this majestic city is famous more like a summer destination, you can go there during all the seasons – remember that the Black Sea is incredible with its picturesque sunsets throughout the year! For example, you can book a hotel room just front of the sea as in this way even in the morning you can enjoy the amazing sea view with a coffee in hand… It sounds very nice, isn’t it?

All the hotels and restaurants in Sozopol are really great and offer a full tourist package with many various customer services as well. No matter if you stay in a four-star or three-star hotel, you will find all you need in order your vacation to be of full value and very exciting! We wanna add that it is important to schedule your vacation, you can check the weather for Sozopol, Bulgaria, before book 🙂

Being in ancient Sozopol you will have the pleasure to visit many cultural landmarks, as well as to learn a bit of the Bulgarian history that is long, interesting and rich in many important historical moments. If you are a fan of cultural tourism, this place is your place… If you love, however, partying till the morning in some attractive night club, then Sozopol is your place again! There are many places where you can have fun in the best way possible, so do not worry – you can do whatever you want, whenever you need! Go ahead and book your holiday in Sozopol without any doubts!