Sunny Beach resort – the most popular summer destination along the Black Sea coast! See this!

Do you know which the party capital of Europe is? Do you also know where to go for having an exciting and dynamic holiday filled with many crazy days and cheerful moments? If you do not know the answer of questions above, stay on our and this Travel blog to learn more about the biggest Eastern Europe’s summer resort!


Sunny Beach resort – the most popular summer destination along the Black Sea coast, which is an attractive point for young people, teenagers, families with children and elderly people…  It is really big and dynamic, while the incredible conditions for sunbathing will definitely impress you! By visiting the awesome Sunny Beach resort you will enjoy some of the best beaches in Europe, ultra-modern discos and bars, luxury and boutique hotels, fine restaurants as well as such in typical Bulgarian style /mehana /… It could be said that in Sunny Beach there is absolutely everything that you can think of – a huge diversity of entertainments and attractions, which are literally around every corner, various water sports and enjoyments, attractive night life (Sunny Beach never sleeps) and many, many different services such as: tattooing, painting of caricatures, hand-made jewelry’s, retro photos etc.

You should know one thing – being in the amazing resort of Sunny Beach you will never be bored and even more… Everybody who has been there knows that this place will make you feel addicted and, no doubts, next summer you will come back there for more exciting experiences and emotions!

Cheaper is better! Yes, in Sunny Beach you can have an amazing holiday for less… You can stay in a nice All Inclusive hotel that offers a full tourist package of services and amenities. At a cost of approximately € 50 per person you can book a room in a four star hotel, as you can consume a food, Bulgarian alcohol and soft drinks whenever you want! Except this, the relax area (swimming pools, SPA centers, gyms etc.) is at your disposal for free. In addition to your fulfilling stay, in almost every hotel in Sunny Beach there is a playground with great animators that will entertain your children!