Golden holiday in the incredible summer resort of Golden Sands! See this!

Do you know the Golden Sands holiday destination, that is impressing with its picturesque forest and nature? If you have not been in this amazing place before, you must go there this summer to enjoy the incredible beaches, clean water and unique atmosphere! By visiting the beautiful Golden Sands resort you will have a quarantine for a perfect and filled with irreplaceable emotions family vacation at sea…

If you do not believe us and think that it is not possible such a majestic place to exist, then we would like tell you once again to go there with your family or friends and see with your own eyes this fairy summer destination!


We will try to describe in the best way possible all the benefits of Golden Sands and what are these things that make this magnificent place for being one of the most preferred and visited summer destinations in Europe!

1.The incredible beach that is popular and well-known with its fine and of golden color sand, has a long beach strip that is up to one hundred meters of width. Except this you will be able to sunbathe till the middle of October! Very nice, right?

2.The breathtaking nature – maybe, this is the main reason why Golden Sands is ranked as the most desired place for having a peaceful and relaxing holiday! All the lovers of the beauty of nature and relaxed environment will fall in love with this summer resort (it is part of the protected natural park of” Golden Sands” too). Many species of plans and birds, as well as their charming will fill your soul with irreplaceable feeling and sensation… Give yourself this pleasure!

3.The healing properties of this region! Yes, if you have some disasters and are looking for a place where to improve your health, then by visiting Golden Sands resort you will have the chance to do that… The mineral water, clean air, curative mud and specific climate will help for the treatment of a number of different diseases (asthma, neurosis, arthritis etc.).

4.A variety of attractions – what would be your summer holiday without interesting and exciting attractions? Not only the children, but adults also need entertainments during its long-waited vacation at sea… Well, in the attractive resort of Golden Sands you can find numerous funny things to do: visit of some of the fests, competitions or concerts; folklore processions and various performances, a huge diversity of children’s entertainments (amusement parks, children animation, pony riding and many others).