Summer holidays in Bulgaria – it’s time for relaxation!

Hello dear readers!! The sun outside is shining and there is nothing else to think but the summer holidays! Every of us want to experience an amazing trip during the summer season, so that to collect many exciting memories… But in Europe there are so many suitable places for you to go with your family in July or August, that to make a decision will be very, very difficult task and you know that :)! Just like you, we love the summer holidays too and that’s why some time ago we made a decision to create this interesting blog. It is dedicated to all fans of the trips who are seeking for ideas and tips about how they can spend their vacations in the best way possible. Here they will find all that!

Since it is already mid-July and the tourist season has started, the best thing we can do for you is to tell you where to go for having a great summer holiday: cheap, exciting and good enough to remember it for a long time! We are sure that you will trust us, because we have long experience with the travels and know exactly what you need… Well, just keep reading!

Nesebar town HDR sunset

Bulgaria… We can describe it by using only few words: beauty, hospitality and richness of sights! If you want to enjoy all that and are looking for some cheap destination, the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is your place. And since we love all our readers and want to give them as many as possible proven tips, today we will tell you about 3 amazing summer resorts in the country, instead just one – as usual!

The first place we like so much, especially when it comes to cheap and unforgettable summer vacations at the sea is the ancient city of Nessebar! Every summer Nessebar will give you many pleasant moments you will never forget! The beauty you will see in this lovely town is remarkable and there are just few places that can be compared with Nessebar. If you travel a lot and have visited many countries, cities, villages and resorts in Europe, maybe you will be interested to explore one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – the amazing Nessebar! Grab the chance to spend probably the most romantic holiday ever and book your vacation in this gorgeous city! It will inspire you and amaze you with the variety of old houses, fairy small streets and spots. If you decide to spend your one-week family vacation there, have in mind that you will be able not only to go to the beach, but to enjoy the romantic atmosphere with your beloved one as well. Summer is the season of love, so fully enjoy it and forget about the other summer destinations in Europe! The city of Nessebar is your place – go and see it!

Our second proposal for you today is the amazing Golden Sands resort – you will find it among magnificent nature and close to the sea… You can go there for both relaxation and having lots of fun at the beach. This place is also perfect for family holidays and people who love to spend time surrounded by peaceful environment and pleasant atmosphere. So, to go to Golden Sands will be one of the best decisions you have ever made when it comes to summer getaways and family relaxing vacation among the nature… Do not hesitate to book your hotel in Golden Sands resort – there is cheap, there you will find everything to spend a perfect holiday and in the same time will even try to save some money! – Isn’t that simply awesome? It is!! The cozy atmosphere, the calmness, the combination between the mountain and the sea make Golden Sands resort for being on the top of the charts when it comes down to summer tourism. Since the resort is part of a Natural Park, it is protected territory by the low! Being there, you can see a long list of plants and birds, as this is a great news for all the fans of the nature…See more information about golden sands holiday here!

In another train of thoughts, there also are many places in Bulgaria for all people who love the luxury and the yachts – welcome to St. Vlas (the 3rd proposal today)! It is located between the biggest resort along the Black Sea coast – Sunny Beach and Elenite (another great sea resort in the country). There you will have the chance to enjoy lots of nice hotels, good restaurants, many entertainments and the cherry of the cake – the famous yacht Harbor! In case you are keen on such holidays and would like to touch the amazing summer life of Bulgaria, book your holiday now and do not waste your time by looking for other options! This place will give you unique feelings and unforgettable emotions. Since everything in St. Vlas is more than beautiful and impressing, there is absolutely no way for you to get bored or to want to change the destination… This lovely summer destination is ranked as the pearl of the Black Sea coast because of its impressing conditions for practicing of sea tourist. If you have the possibility to go there for a week or more, be sure that your stay will be the best summer vacation you have ever had! You will remember it for a long time, because nobody forgets St. Vlas and stay there.

st Vlas

Well, when it’s time for summer vacations, most people start looking for attractive offers on the Internet and very often they are feeling confused… You can actually find so many proposals and travel deals, that to make some decision will become a mission impossible!

Skip all that and trust us. We know what the best for you is and that’s why we wrote this article. Visit some of the destinations we have recommended you today and spend an excellent vacation this year. Surprise your family by taking them to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and forget about the busy daily round!