Apply for replacement of your NEXUS card today!

Are you informed about the NEXUS program and the ways of traveling you can take advantage of? Did you know about the NEXUS card as well, that are actually the main reason why so many travelers become members of this amazing trusted program? Some of you probably are asking why the people from Europe are not able to be a part of NEXUS. Isn’t this incredible program famous throughout the world, or is well-known only in Canada and the U.S.?

The second one is true. The NEXUS program works for the Canadian and American travelers, as by using it they can cross the borders of the countries fast, will be able to avoid the lines and together with that to spend a pleasant time while on the border!

But what happens when you lose your NEXUS card, somebody steals it, or for some reason it’s missing? Should we forget about the NEXUS program, or this will be the most incorrectly thing we can do? Isn’t better to make a Replacement NEXUS card or something? – Yep, do the last one. This is the right decision and you do not have to think about anything else and of no other option!


Apply for replacement of your NEXUS card and just be again a happy traveler. Do not even think to giving up or to replace the NEXUS program with something else… Actually, there is nothing else that can replace the NEXUS program in case you want to travel by the way we have mentioned above – fast, before the other travelers and more pleasant in comparison to your past trips.

So, if you notice that your card is missing or stolen, do not waste a time and harry up! Apply for replacement and use the NEXUS program again… It is really amazing because all its members have a huge benefit – they are always first for a customs check and go to Canada or America always on time!

All the citizens of these two countries are able to become members of the NEXUS program. Well, almost everyone… In fact, the only thing that can be a problem for you to get a NEXUS card is the presence of a criminal record that is quite normal… Still, the NEXUS program is a trusted program and travelers with criminal records do not meet the requirements…

We trust that if you once have been a member of the NEXUS program, you can use your card again. Just apply for replacement!