You love ski, but you do not know how to learn and where – see this!

Maybe you do not know, but Bulgaria is one of the best places to learn ski on the go! Yes, not Romania or some other winter resorts, but Bulgaria. The major winter resorts out there offer a lot in this manner, so you will be not disappointed. Bulgaria has the most in terms of proportion of customer, which is choosing to learn how to ski, than any other resort in whole European Union, or Europe itself!

On the top of this Pamporovo and Borovets are number one and two in all time list of the list “best resorts for adult ski school” in Europe. So let’s dive deep and review Pamporovo! You can check this out and seek the “First timer ski holiday” kind of packages for you or your family. These kinds of packages include all of the beginner wants, for example: equipment, rental ski, lessons, free lift card and so on.

Pamporovo is a true paradise for you, if you are just starting with ski. It’s really perfect for beginners and kids that are learning ski, too… The teachers out there is really taking the effort to ensure that even you never go to ski or snowboarding before, you can learn it easily with them. So if you are looking for friendly school for adults and kids, a winter holiday with your family not worrying about anything, this is the peace to be! We, strongly recommend Pamporovo as your first touch with winter sports, like ski and snowboarding.Bansko-runs-groomed-3

Either Pamporovo, Borovets or Bansko have an amazing schools and you will probably know ski inside and out pretty fast, so next time you go there you will have the most fun. Our advice is this… if you go with your kids and family and you are all beginners Bansko is probably not for you at all… seek Pamporovo deals. Now there are a lot of them in pre-order packages of “First timer ski holiday” just for you. Seek and go!

All best, Thehappycampers!