Looking for amazing winter holiday – Ski in Bulgaria, Bansko! – part 2.

So, this is our part 2 of the amazing winter holiday in Bansko. You can check out our part one and continue from there… Ski Bansko is very common, but in this part we will focus in other great things that resort provides. So les’s continue…

Reason number 3: The night life and the cool bars.


If you are party lover we are sure that you will love this part… There are hundreds of large and small bars in Basnko. The prices for alcohol are very cheap (very, very). The Bulgarian people called this kind of “bars” – mehana (механа). We are telling you this because if you are first timer in Bulgaria, they will call it that way, still. The Bulgarian culture is to have an amazing parties and fun, so we are sure that you won’t remember anything in the morning (that’s a good thing, the party lovers know…)

Reason number 4: Cheap prices our head raises…


As you may know Bansko is the best value winter ski holiday destination in Eastern Europe. This, with other 3 thing that we mention is the main reasons why this resort is staying the best value resort in years… Even despite being very crowded by international visitors, the place is staying still in term of the prices. So if you are still thinking about it, well don’t, go there buy amazing gear, party nice and go home with very pleasant memories.

Reason number 5: The great pistes.

We prefer this is the last thing in our list, the Bansko has a little more than 70km of fast pistes. No worries there are pistes for beginners, kids and medium beginners. There are a lot of schools that teach skiing so do not worry you will know how to skiing this season.


Thanks for reading our two parts of Bansko reviews. We hope you like it. Share it with your friends, we appreciate that very much.