You love ski, but you do not know how to learn and where – see this! – Part two!

In our first part, here we discuss the Pamporovo resort as you best choice for winter ski holidays, now we want to point the other major winter resort – Borovets!

Bulgaria is full of surprises from an amazing summer holidays in Sunny Beach and Golden Sands to the very cool and sunny winter holidays in Borovets, Bansko or Pamporovo. In the first part we talk a lot for the super sweet kind of packages for beginners “First timer” in Pamporovo you can check them out for Borovets too. The other thing that we point out is the amazing ski schools in Pamporovo.

Borovets is whole different story. The whole feeling there is different form Pamporovo. Borovets is much, much more compact and everything is very close to your hotel. You are just minutes from the lifts, slopes and ski schools. The instructors are excellent in English language and even they will point out where are you from, without asking, based on your own English.Bansko1 The best things of these instructors are that they will probably be your guide in whole winter vacation, they know all the best spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They know the coolest bars in Borovets. They know everything.

One of the major advantages that Borovets have and other winter resorts in Europe don’t is the green run that will lead you on the top of the ski piste – at the very top of the mountain. No matter if you are average ski guy or complete beginner this is very cool, you will get on the top of the mountain and see everything.

This breathtaking experience will stay in your mind for years. If you are a family already, well they will appreciate all this, we promise. So are you still comparing Borovets and Pamporovo? – don’t they are both great places for you, to learn ski in amazing environment. We advise you to take the first step in Pamporovo, sedond step in Borovets and go to Bansko. But this is our opinion you can think different. So, all best and we will see you in Bulgaria!