: The nightlife in Bulgarian Winter destinations – see here!

Well it is that time… when the winter is arriving  and we start to plan our winter holiday. The destinations that recommend is very cheap and affordable to the mass UK holidaymakers.

Bulgaria is one of the great destination for you to go skiing. Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets are amazing places to have fun with your family and friends. Bulgaria ski  is our advice to look for nice offers, also good source for reviews and comments on these winter destinations you can check in TripAdvicor.

Pamporovo is great for beginners, Borovets and Bansko for more advanced members dedicated to winter sports.

In this article travel blog will tell you about the nightlife in those places. Yes, Bulgaria is very attractive place to go on a vacations in summer/winter, because it’s very cheap prices and good food. Often the Bulgarian destinations, like Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo is overlooked when comes down to ski and snowboarding holidays. There are amazing in the term of the ski and snowboarding, but also in nightlife.


We can strongly suggest to visit one of the taverns and clubs located in one of those resorts. When we evaluate the resorts in this manner we are trying to compare the feelings of the crowds in the clubs. Well, you can still go to Austria and drink three-four drinks, but in Bulgaria you are getting the same in very cheap price, the people are truly party-animals, the dance on the tables In ski gear… Picture that. Do not get us wrong, sometimes we love to drink in quiet places and in those Bulgarian ski resorts they can easily be found, but when comes down to real party, there is no other atmosphere as Bulgarian Bar or Tavern /mehana/.

We talk about the prices, well the bear is like 1-1,5€ /big beer/ If you love vodka-coke mix, tell the bartender about that, because Bulgarian people are usually drink those separately, not together. So if you order vodka+coke you will get two glasses.

Do not hesitate go and visit the wild place of Bulgarian clubs, mountains, mehanas (taverns) and make most of your holiday, creating memories and having fun! – All best!