Dubrovnik, Croatia – welcome to paradise!

What are you dreaming of? Maybe about new car or good job, or even for a new love…? We all dream of something, as some of us want to be more often on a holiday, as well as to visit as many as possible beautiful destinations around the world…

With today’s article we would like present to you an amazing place that is not far away from UK – the incredible Croatia! This wonderful country becomes very popular and visited holiday destination over the past few years due to its great beaches, lovely nature and various entertainments! More and more Britons prefer to spend their summer vacations at this place and would come back there again next year.


One of the best places to visit when on a holiday in Croatia is the majestic city of Dubrovnik – most famous town in this land that is so adorable with its historical and architectural sights, marble streets and authentic, old buildings! Dubrovnik has a lot to offer to all the visitors and fans of this magic place – from the ancient churches and impressing museums to the great beaches and wonderful restaurants where you can have a perfect dinner while watching the breathtaking Adriatic Sea…

Visit the Dominican Monastery that is astonishing because of its incredible architecture typical for 15th century. It is also part of the cultural city’s heritage and is well preserved until today!

No holiday in Dubrovnik would be the same if you do not go to the city walls for a pleasant and long walk… Being on the top of the wall you can enjoy an impressing city view and inspiring sea scenery.

If you are a fan of the romance and would like to experience many unforgettable moments with your beloved one, keep in mind that Dubrovnik will give you all that you need for having the best romantic summer holiday for you and your partner! When on vacation in Dubrovnik, everybody wants to stay longer because couples of days are insufficient to fully enjoy this fairy place. So, once when you visit Dubrovnik, be sure that it is absolutely possible to go there every summer or even autumn, why not?

See this Dubrovnik City Walls video, many thanks to our partners of Balkan Holidays blog, for that article.