Discover the beautiful Black Sea coast by visting Bulgaria next summer!

Here we are again! And every time when we write about amazing destinations in our tourist blog 🙂 we are feeling so excited and impatient to share with you many interesting facts and impressions! If you are our regular reader and like all the reviews and articles of beautiful places, that we share with you all the time, then stay here and learn where to go during the summer season 2017!

Why we all love holidays? Why we want to go to some really special place when outside is summer? Due to our long experience with holidays we know that the list of summer destinations and resorts is huge and very confusing, while the price offers are exceptionally varied and any normal person would feel lost in the vast Internet information!

Bulgaria (see picture bellow) with its wonderful summer resorts is one of the most suitable sea destinations that many families with children prefer to some other European and word-famous summer resorts! Bu why?


Because all the Bulgarian resorts along the incredible Black Sea coast are modern, beautiful and offer both low prices and very good quality (friendly customer services, great food, lots of fun and exciting beach/night life). Some of them are:

Sunny beach – you know it for sure, right? Is there anyone who doesn’t know this so attractive place? Well, the “hottest” summer resort in Bulgaria is our proposal for you if you are keen on night life, bars and discos as wee as love to be surrounded by dynamic atmosphere and crowds!

Nessebar! Romance, romance, romance… What would be our lives without any romance from time to time? – Boring, right? If you have someone by your side and plan to surprise her/him with holiday for two, got to the ancient city of Nessebar that is actually one of the oldest towns in Europe too!

Golden Sands – No, you won’t find any gold there, but will be able to enjoy a summer holiday among incredible nature and awesome beaches! That place is one of treasures of Bulgaria and is also popular as the pearl of the Black Sea coast!

See this amazing video by Balkan Holidays YouTube Chanel: