Looking for a budget-friendly destination? See the amazing Golden Sands resort, Bulgaria!

Every summer holiday has to be unforgettable and filled with many exciting emotions. This is the time when we want to relax, as well as to forget about all the stress closely connected with work, chores and different concerns… Therefore, when choosing a holiday destination, it is recommended for it to be really splendid and perfectly suited for your complete relaxation!

Holiday to Golden Sands with family

Each of us has different views on relaxation – some people relax by visiting noisier and dynamic spots, while others prefer to get away from the hubbub and choose calm and secluded places.

If you are the second type of holidaymakers, then you should think about a holiday in Bulgaria!

This captivating land has a variety of incredible summer resorts, as one of them is the gorgeous Golden Sands – a place famous with its wonderful beach, picturesque nature and dramatic sceneries…

A summer vacation there will make you feel completely satisfied by giving you the relaxation you are looking for!

Golden Sands resort is located in the Northeast Bulgaria and in stunning Natural Park (there you can see many various plant species and fascinating sea views), as well as is in the immediate vicinity of the lovely city of Varna (the sea capital of Bulgaria that is only 16km away from the resort).

In the area around Golden Sands resort you can see the wonderful Aladzha Monastery, as well as Pobitite kamani and Kamen Bryag, while right in the city there is the unique Orthodox Church of “St. John the Baptist” – very beautiful sight that you must visit during your stay in the resort!

The Natural Park of Golden Sands is the most impressive landmark in the resort that is just 3km away. And in fact, it is very small (its area is only 13 km), but the beauty you will find there is so captivating, that hardly the size will be important to you… In the Natural Park of Golden Sands there are magnificent flora and fauna, which the country protects by a special law. We strongly recommend you to take some time and to enjoy this incredible place!

In Golden Sands resorts there are many family-friendly hotels and travel deals with soft terms, so if you are planning to hit the road with the whole family, this resort will surely surprise you with its favorable conditions and very low prices! Except this, the atmosphere there is very pleasant and tranquil, or in other words – this amazing summer resort is perfect for every family holiday.